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World Ag Expo Begins Three Day Run In Tulare

Feb 9, 2016

The World Ag Expo began its three day run in Tulare Today/Tuesday. FM89's Ezra David Romero reports this year’s show is as much about software as it is farm equipment.

There are plenty of new tractors this year at the World Ag Expo. But it's not companies like John Deere and Caterpillar stealing the limelight. It’s rather groups that make products that fit in the palm of a hand. Marisa Carpenter is a spokesman for the expo.

CARPENTER: “There’s a lot of mobile based items and I think they’re just catering to those already have those smartphones. Items that can control irrigation through apps, items that can alert you about security issues on your operation.”

Brennon Christopher is one of those mobile users. He’s a grower services manager with Sierra Packaging in Kingsburg.

CHRISTOPHER: “I’m only 27, so I think guys that are taking over family farms are more apt to you use that technology, whereas some of the older generation, you know it might be a little bit of a learning curve for them.”

At the same time the importance of keeping family farms relevant was a big topic at the show.