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What's Behind The Craft Beer Boom In The San Joaquin Valley?

Jun 30, 2015

What do General William Tecumseh Sherman, the Greek god Zeus and Sir Lancelot all have in common? They've all lent their names to popular beers from local craft breweries. It turns out the San Joaquin Valley is in the midst of a craft beer boom, from Bakersfield to Turlock, making it one of the area’s hottest food and beverage trends. What's behind the explosive growth, and is there a definitive local style of beer? We asked our guests those questions and more on Valley Edition:


James Burger, The Bakersfield Californian: "Bakersfield Taps Into Craft Beer Craze"

Rhett Williams - W Brewing, Clovis

Mike Sumaya - Riley's Brewing, Madera