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Valley Edition: Valley Fever; Fracking; Latino Music Exhibit

Nov 13, 2012

Credit Valley Public Radio

This week on Valley Edition, we continue our series of special reports on the fungal disease known as valley fever. Journalist Rebecca Plevin from the Reporting on Health Collaborative brings us the story of a young girl from Delano who contracted the disease last year, changing her life forever. Host Juanita Stevenson also talks with Yesenia Amaro, a health reporter for the Merced Sun-Star and member of the collaborative,  about the effort to bring more attention to this disease, and Dr. Dee Lacy, an infectious disease specialist with Kaiser Permanente Fresno. 

Also on this week's program we hear a special report about the controversy over "fracking" in the oil industry, and find out what it could mean for groundwater, as the state seeks to regulate the oil and gas production method. We also take a wintertime trip to downtown Fresno's newest attraction, an outdoor ice rink that is bringing visitors to the area. And Frank Delgado of Arte Americas joins us to talk about the new traveling exhibit from the Smithsonian that pays tribute to the giants of Latino music, American Sabor.