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On Valley Edition: Rural Homeless; Electric Vehicles; The kNOw Youth Media

Mar 13, 2012

Segment 1: Rural homeless:
Many people think of homelessness as an urban issue, but small towns and rural communities throughout Central California are facing this issue as well. This week on Valley Edition, we talk to Matthew Macedo, a Hanford teen who has produced a documentary film called "Homeless in Hanford" about what inspired him to take on this issue. Joey Cox of the Kings Community Action Organization in Hanford, and Felix Vigil, Director of the Madera Rescue Mission also join our discussion about rural homelessness.

Segment 2: Electric vehicles:
When it comes to gas prices, anyone who has stopped for a fill-up in the last few months knows that prices just keep going up and up. In this segment of Valley Edition, we learn how some Central Valley residents are leaving the gas pump behind and plugging in to the emerging world of electric vehicles. Colin Santulli from the California Center for Sustainable Energy joins us to talk about California's Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Janelle Schneider of the Valley Air District and local Tesla electric car owner Bill Rovin also join us in-studio to talk about alternative fuel vehicles.

Segment 3: The kNOw Youth Media:
Since 2006, the kNOw Youth Media has been dedicated to providing Fresno area youth with a multimedia voice. From online videos, photos and articles to a bi-annual magazine, the organization works to equip young people with media skills and a voice to tell their stories and the stories of the community. The organization's director, Mai Der Vang, and Anna Jacobsen, Health Media Coordinator join Juanita Stevenson to talk about their programs and impact in the community.