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On Valley Edition: Restorative Justice; Valley Fever; Taxes; Nurses; Bakersfield Jazz Festival


This week on Valley Edition we explore the region through reports and interviews on valley fever, restorative justice in schools, health care, taxes and a Jazz festival in the area.

The high number of suspensions and expulsions of Fresno Unified students has school board members exploring the district’s discipline policies. The board recently voted to adopt an alternative form of punishing students called restorative justice. It encourages young people to take responsibility for their wrong doing and make amends to their victims. Valley Edition host Juanita Stevenson reports on a Fresno middle school that is ahead of the curve when it comes to implementing new disciplinary policies. Ed Gomes, the principal of Yosemite Middle School in Fresno, sits down with Stevenson to discuss the school’s success.

Also on the show, there’s a paradox in many of the reactions to Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to give California schools more flexibility on how they spend their state tax dollars.  There’s general support around the Capitol for breaking down the funding walls surrounding several dozen programs.  But as Capitol Public Radio's Ben Adler reports from Sacramento, everyone seems to have a favorite program they want to protect.

Capitol Public Radio's Health Care Reporter Pauline Bartalone reports on a possible help solve a looming doctor shortage in California. And with millions more people in the state expected to get health coverage next year, lawmakers are proposing ways to make sure basic care is available in areas that need it. One bill would allow nurse practitioners to treat patients without consulting a physician.

In the second portion of the show, Valley Public Radio’s Rebecca Plevin brings an update on the regional disease valley fever.  In early May, the federal receiver overseeing health care in California’s prisons ordered the state to remove inmates at high risk of contracting valley fever from two Central Valley prisons. On Monday May 5, the state Department of Corrections replied to that directive.

We end the show with a discussion about the 27th Annual Bakersfield Jazz Festival. FM89’s Joe Moore speaks with the festival director Doug Davis about Valley talent as well as big names to grace the CSU Bakersfield amphitheater. 

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