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On Valley Edition: Measure G; HWY 99; Serbian Festival; Fire Camps

May 28, 2013

Credit Joe Moore / Valley Public Radio

This week on Valley Edition we explore some of the issues that matter to the residents of Central California, including the expansion of Highway 99, a Fresno based garbage debate and more. 

But first, reducing overcrowding at California prisons is not easy. Generally, inmates must either be released or given more space, which is expensive. But there is a third option. Inmates can be sent to fire camps.  That's a cornerstone of Governor Jerry Brown's plan to reduce prison overcrowding in response to a federal court order.  State Government Reporter Katie Orr takes a closer look at what these camps entail.  

Whether you’re a motorist in Bakersfield, Fresno, Merced or the towns in between, Drivers in the Central Valley know how rough it is to be stuck in traffic on Highway 99. But a series of highway widening projects on the route may eventually alleviate congestion issues. Valley Public Radio’s Ezra Romero asks Caltrans spokeswoman Gloria Rodriguez about when Valley residents will notice a difference. 

Also on the program, Fresno's Serbian community is throwing a one day festival where Serbian and Russian culture will be celebrated. Valley Edition Host Juanita Stevenson interviews Father George Gligich of Saint Peter Serbian Orthodox Church in Fresno to discuss the annual Serbian Food Festival to be held on June 1. 

The second half of Valley Edition, focuses on an issue that has proved to be important to Fresno County residents. The issue trash collection, represented by Measure G in an upcoming local special election to be held June 4. Stevenson questions members from both sides of the issue, starting with Former Fresno County Supervisor Dough Vagim who opposes Measure G. In the last 15 minutes of the show Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin chimes in on her support of privatizing the regions waste collection. 


Serbian Festival 

Very Reverend George - St. Peter the Apostle Serbian Orthodox Church, Fresno, Calif. 

Yes on Measure G 

Doug Vagim – Former Fresno County Supervisor - No on Measure G

Fresno Mayor Ashley SwearenginYes on Measure G