Valley Edition - June 26, 2018 - Tulare Mayor Ousting, Detention Centers, "Life After Manzanar"

Jun 26, 2018

Today on Valley Edition, we hear about how a disagreement on Facebook led to the ousting of the Tulare City mayor. We also talk to locals who visited the border and describe what they observed while protesting at detention centers, even after the president changed his family separation policy. Later in the show, we talk to writer Naomi Hirahara about a new book she co-wrote, detailing life for Japanese Americans after the internment camps closed, called “Life After Manzanar.” Plus, a look at CSU Summer Arts, which is being hosted this year by Fresno State and includes a lineup of courses and events throughout the month of July. The program will feature top visual and performing artists as instructors and performers. And we close the show by taking a look at the Farm Bill, a piece of federal legislation that could majorly impact the Valley’s agricultural economy, as well as the residents here who rely on food stamps. That’s all coming up on Valley Edition.