Valley Edition - July 31, 2018 - Fresno State at CERN, Seeking Asylum, Diana Marcum, Bay-Delta Plan

Aug 1, 2018

On this week’s Valley Edition, we learn how Fresno State students are leaving their mark at one of the top scientific institutions in Europe. We also continue our look at the issue of homelessness with a profile of a Fresno mom who was living on the streets, and is now working to turn her life around. Plus we look back at what’s happened to the unaccompanied minors who sought refuge in this country, including one local man who is now an adult, and seeking permanent residency status. Later in the show we dig into a plan that could dramatically reshape the way both farmers and cities use water, and hear from Felecia Marcus of the Water Resources Control Board and Los Banos-area farmer Cannon Michael. We close the program with an interview with journalist and author Diana Marcum, about her new memoir "The Tenth Island: Finding Joy, Beauty, and Unexpected Love in the Azores."