On Valley Edition: Health & Your Zipcode; Immunization Policy; Margarita Engle

Mar 20, 2012

This week on Valley Edition, we talk about a new study that links the health of Valley residents with their neighborhood. It turns out where you live can tell you a lot about your health and lifespan. We'll also learn more about efforts to change state laws about immunization policies in an effort to protect public health. We close our program with a profile of Newbery Award winning local author Margarita Engle. 

Valley Edition for March 20, 2012:

Segment 1: Is Your Health Linked to Your Zipcode?
Can your zipcode tell you something about your health? A study released last month from the Central Valley Health Policy Institute at Fresno State and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, examines the links between social, economic and environmental conditions and health in Central California. And the results have wind ranging implications for the way we approach everything from health and economic policy to community planning. Dr. John Capitman of the Health Policy Institute joins us to talk about the study, and why "place matters" when it comes to health. We'll also talk with in-studio guests Albert Maldonado from The California Endowment, and Maria Herrera from the Community Water Center.

Segment 2: Immunization Policy Debate in Sacramento
For decades, immunizations have helped protect public health from diseases that ravaged previous generations. In recent years, concern over the safety of immunizations, and personal belief exemptions have contributed to outbreaks of whooping cough, measles and other diseases. With three new bills in Sacramento aiming to reform the state's immunization policies, we talk about the issues with Catherine Martin of the California Immunization Coalition; Leticia Berber, from the Fresno County Department of Public Health's Immunization Program; and internal medicine physician from Firebaugh, Dr. Oscar Sablan.

Segment 3: Margarita Engle
Cuban-American author Margarita Engle is known nationwide for her award winning young adult novels. In 2009 her novel The Surrender Tree, won the Newbery Award, the first time a Hispanic author received the honor. She joins Valley Edition host Juanita Stevenson to talk about her new book, The Wild Book, which is published this month, and an upcoming book signing at A Book Barn bookstore in Clovis, on Saturday March 24 from 2-4pm.