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On Valley Edition: 'Deportee' Plane Crash; Working Past Retirement; Fresno Food Expo

This week on Valley Edition we look into an airplane disaster that took place in the hills near Coalinga 65 years ago. The accident grabbed national headlines and even inspired a song by Woody Guthrie titled 'Deportee.' Valley Public Radio reporter Rebecca Plevin explores the tragedy with the help of local author Tim Z. Hernandez and his quest to ensure that those who died in the crash are not forgotten. Hernandez, along with the Fresno Diocese and Holy Cross Cemetery are working together to erect a memorial headstone with the full names of all 28 passengers. 

In the second segment of this week’s Valley Edition, we discuss the reasoning behind why many seniors are choosing to work past retirement. A recent Gallup Poll shows that one of the top fiscal worries of American’s is that come retirement their bank accounts won’t be full enough to support their households.  89.3’s Ezra Romero asks working seniors in the Central Valley about why they have chosen to work beyond the average retirement age. Tom and Pauline Jones join the conversation. Tom is the founder of WORx Inc., a Management Engineering firm based in Carmel, Calif.

We close our program with a segment on the third Fresno Food Expo. The expo is a regional food show and was developed to help grow the San Joaquin Valley’s food industry by introducing locally owned and headquartered food companies in the region to buyers from the retail, foodservice and export industries. Vincent Ricchiuti, with Enzo Olive Oil and an exhibitor at the expo, and Amy Huerta, the Business Initiatives Manager with the City of Fresno, join the conversation.

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