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Tacherra Continues To Lead Costa In CA-16

Nov 7, 2014

Incumbent Democrat Jim Costa and Republican challenger Johnny Tacherra are locked in a close race for California's 16th Congressional District
Credit Joe Moore / Valley Public Radio

Revised vote totals are in for some of the valley’s tightest political races. New numbers released Friday evening from Merced County for California’s 16th Congressional District have Republican challenger Johnny Tacherra now leading Democratic incumbent Jim Costa by 741 votes.

Costa increased his lead in Fresno County by around 1700 votes on Friday, but that was more than offset with gains by Tacherra in Madera and Merced counties.  Tacherra ended the day increase his overall lead by five votes.

In the race for Fresno County Superior Court judge, Lisa Gamoian has extended her lead over Rachel Hill to around 3,600 votes. And in the Fresno City Council District 1 race, Esmeralda Soria now leads Cary Catalano by around 300 votes

Friday’s numbers are not final. In Fresno County alone there are 10,300 absentee and 10,100 provisional ballots that have yet to be counted. Fresno County’s next updated vote count is expected on Wednesday.