"So Many Cultures" Come To Fresno With "The Lion King" Tour

Dec 4, 2018

Last week, for the first time, downtown Fresno’s Saroyan Theater transformed into the Pridelands, complete with larger than life giraffes, and an iconic warthog-meerkat duo. Actors Martina Sykes and Gerald Ramsey, who play Shenzi and Mufasa, came to the station to talk about the show and how they take a well-known animated film and translate its music and themes to the stage.

You can hear listen to the interview above to hear more.

The North American Tour of Disney’s “The Lion King” is halfway through its run in Fresno, with performances concluding on Sunday, December 9. Tickets are available at BroadwayinFresno.com.


Gerald Ramsey plays Mufasa, father to Simba and king of the Pridelands in the North American Tour of "The Lion King."
Credit Matthew Murphy / Broadway in Fresno