On Quality of Life: Diabetes; Local History

May 17, 2011

Segment 1: Diabetes - Californians spend $24 billion each year on diabetes care, and the Valley's diabetes rates are some of the highest in the state, around 10 percent. For people struggling with the disease, the financial and emotional burdens of diabetes make for a difficult combination. When the costs of diabetes testing supplies add up, some bypass the pharmacy and turn to the street to get what they need. On this edition of Quality of Life, correspondent Shellie Branco reports on how some Valley residents are dealing with their disease. And later, Dr. Allison Diamant from the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research joins us for a studio discussion on how diabetes has an especially big impact in the Central Valley.

Segment 2: Local History - Central California is one of the fastest growing regions in the state. But with all of the development and population growth the Valley has experienced in recent decades, what unities our communities and makes us unique? In this segment, we talk with local history authors Janice Williams, Scott Morrison and William Secrest Sr. about our shared heritage and Valley history, and how the past can inform our future.