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Jun 22, 2019
Originally published on June 22, 2019 10:32 am
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Now, panel, what will be the big surprise at the Democratic debate? Peter Grosz.

PETER GROSZ: Everything will be going along very swimmingly until the moderator will be interrupted about an hour and a half in by Peter Sagal's phone telling him it's time to end the debate.


SAGAL: Roxanne Roberts.

ROXANNE ROBERTS: The meth squirrel will run on stage and accuse Joe Biden of low energy.


SAGAL: Adam Felber.

ADAM FELBER: A surprise candidate from Alabama will pledge, quote, "As president, I promise I will make no decisions without first consulting Deez Nuts."


FELBER: I need to touch base with Deez Nuts every day.

BILL KURTIS: Well, if any of that happens, panel, we're going to ask you about it on WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME.

SAGAL: Thank you, Bill Kurtis.


SAGAL: Thanks to Adam Felber, Roxanne Roberts and Peter Grosz. Thanks to all of you for listening at home. I'm Peter Sagal. We'll see you next week in Philadelphia, Pa.


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