Photojournalist Matt Black On Rising Fear And Hope Among Immigrants In Farming Communities

Oct 9, 2018

We’ve brought you stories about undocumented immigrants in the San Joaquin Valley before, and many of them are struggling with changing policies under the Trump administration.

Now, we speak to a journalist whose latest project covers immigration -- through photography. Matt Black is a photojournalist based in Exeter, and his latest project published in the California Sunday Magazine is entitled “'Papá, I don’t think you should go to work today.' The dread and hope of migrant farmers and families”. It’s accompanied by an essay from local journalist and author Diana Marcum.

The photo essay focuses on two Central American father-son duos: One has just arrived in the U.S., and one is intent on leaving to avoid being separated. Black has photographed the Central Valley before, but he said that he’s noticed a lot more fear lately in farming communities that depend on undocumented immigrants for labor. Listen to the the interview for more.