No Tricks, Just Heroes At Powers-Ginsburg Elementary On Halloween

Oct 31, 2019

In celebration of the end of Bullying Prevention Week, one Fresno elementary school hosted law enforcement and military members during recess. There were no tricks to the morning event, just treats.

Powers-Ginsburg Elementary students sat in fire engines, talked to police officers, and met a K-9 unit: real-life heroes who don’t tolerate bullying, said the school’s principal, Angela Balliet.

“Our students learn a message about helping, encouraging, and respecting others, and that’s where we get the acronym for ‘HERO,’” said Balliet. “So, we allow them to dress in costumes representing their favorite hero. A hero can represent many different things, so we have some students dressed as bacon, and I think that qualifies as a hero,” she laughed, as the bacon-costumed student walked by.

Other students took the theme in a different direction.

“I’m supposed to be the Grinch in a soup kitchen, it’s supposed to be after he turns good,” said Maddie Potter, a fifth grader. “I guess people in soup kitchens are heroes.”

She wore an apron and a lime green beanie with the Grinch’s face stitched in the front. Standing next to her, Monika Danilovska wore scrubs. 

“Right now I’m dressed as a nurse or a doctor,” said Danilovska. “I thought it would be nice because we should appreciate the doctors for helping us, making us feel better, you know.”

Even more kids dressed in capes, with letters emblazoned on their shirts for Batgirl, or Superman. The Bullard High School saxophone quartet even brought their best superhero songs to recess on this Halloween day, and played the theme to the “Avengers” movies.


Powers-Ginsburg Elementary School hosted "real-life heroes" at recess today as part of their Bullying Prevention Week.
Credit Laura Tsutsui / Valley Public Radio