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New Exhibit Displays Fresno Band Posters Dating Back To The 1940s

Apr 5, 2016

Band posters usually give concert goers their first inclination of whether a show is worth attending. Fresno Artist Brad Polzin knows a lot about that. He's collected posters from Fresno bands for decades and now he's curating a show all about them.

Credit Brad Polzin

"We've all seen the big San Francisco rock posters that are so famous," says Polzin. "The Fresno artists were in that same era and they designed their own special, unique versions of these posters." 

Polzin says people have submitted posters from all different genres, venues and eras. 

"One of the most exciting posters in the exhibit is a Bob Wills Fresno Bar and Dance Poster from the 1940s and that's fabulous," Polzin says. "We then have posters all the way up to the present."

The show opens at 5 p.m. Thursday April 7 and runs through May at the  Tower District Records Gallery in Fresno. To hear our interview with Brad Polzin click play above.

Credit Courtesy of Brad Polzin