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A Look Inside 'The Big One,' A KPCC Podcast About Earthquakes

Jul 19, 2019

Earthquakes have likely been on many Californians’ minds recently, ever since two big quakes focused in the rural Mojave Desert jolted California over Independence Day weekend.

If you’re someone thirsty for more knowledge about the kinds of earthquakes that could strike California, and how to be prepared, you might enjoy a new podcast out of KPCC in Los Angeles called The Big One. Part first-person narrative, part survival guide, it’s all about being prepared for that huge quake that could devastate Southern California.

In this interview, KPCC podcast host and The Big One lead producer Misha Euceph explains how the show was created, how listeners responded to it, and what Euceph herself learned while reporting on an impending disaster in the city where she lives.