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Local Groups Worry About Questioning Immigration Status On Census

Mar 30, 2018

It was announced Monday that the 2020 Census would include a question about immigration status, and this has raised concerns with local advocacy groups.

Sam Molina is the California State Director of Mi Familia Vota. Molina says this question would dissuade the immigrant community from participating in the census. He also says the state will lose resources that are allocated by population if that happens.

“In the Central Valley there’s over a few hundred thousand legal permanent residents, so that doesn’t even encompass the total number of people who are on visas or who are undocumented," says Molina. "And if California is undercounted we pose losing billions of dollars in healthcare, education, transportation, and veterans services."

California's Secretary of State Alex Padilla and Attorney General Xavier Becerra have already sued the Trump Administration to challenge the addition of this question