Jury Award In Roundup Case Opens Door For Other Monsanto Lawsuits

Aug 14, 2018

A jury last week awarded a California man with terminal cancer $289 million dollars in a lawsuit against agri-chemical giant Monsanto. The jury agreed with plaintiff Dewayne Johnson’s claim that his exposure to the popular herbicide Roundup on the job (and its main component known as glyphosate) resulted in his non-Hodgkins lymphoma. With over $250 million in punitive damages in this one case alone, the stakes are high for Monsanto’s owner Bayer. So where does the legal fight go from here, and how does the courtroom differ from the scientific lab when determining the truth? To learn more we spoke to internationally renowned cancer researcher Richard Stevens at the University of Connecticut School of Mmedicine. He has been writing about the Johnson vs. Monsanto trial and the legal fights that are to come for everyone from Salon and WBUR to The Conversation.