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Interview: Holly Carter Wants To Be Fresno's Newest City Councilmember

Apr 19, 2016

Holly Carter wants to replace Lee Brand on the Fresno City Council.  

"I never wanted to run for office, I actually still don't want to run for office," Carters says. "It's more of a gravitational pull."

Over the next few weeks KVPR will be talking with all three of the candidates who want to fill the District 6 seat on the council representing North Fresno. In this interview Valley Edition Host Joe Moore chats with Carter, a local businesswoman and cancer survivor, who runs her own marketing firm. 

"I'm looking to help usher in a systemic change and put in place processes where so that we can create friendlier business climate and attract new businesses to Fresno which will create a stronger, healthier economy," Carter says. 

To hear more from the local Republican running for Fresno City Council click play above.