"I Didn't Pay $7,000 A Year To Sit At Home" - Valley Students On Learning From Home

Apr 3, 2020

We recently asked a few students for audio postcards about how the pandemic is affecting them. Today, we’re going to hear Selma High School senior Mia Salinas who says she’s missing out on prom, her final season of track, and the chance to say good bye to her teachers and friends.

Mia Salinas is a senior at Selma High School. She says it's hard to miss out on the "last experiences" of high school, after schools closed so abruptly.
Credit Courtesy of Mia Salinas

We also hear from Fresno State student Julianna Mazziliano. She’s in her second semester as a liberal studies major and works two jobs, both of which have cut hours due to the pandemic. She says she “didn’t pay $7,000 a year at Fresno State to just sit at home.” 

Julianna Mazziliano, a Fresno State student, says the pandemic has not only affected her classes, but both of her jobs.
Credit Courtesy of Julianna Mazziliano

Our third postcard is from Angela Christiano, a registered nursing student in her final semester at Fresno City College. Christiano explains that while some states have loosened the clinical hours requirement to help students like her move quickly into the medical field, California has not.

If you’d like to share a story about how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting you, let us know. Record a voice memo on your phone and send it to talk@kvpr.org. You can also just write us an email.