Homer Joy, 'Streets of Bakersfield" Songwriter Dies

Sep 12, 2012

Homer Joy, composer of
Credit Courtesy homerjoy.com

Homer Joy, the songwriter behind the Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam hit “The Streets of Bakersfield” has died. Joy was a talented performer in his own right, and a leading figure in the so-called Bakersfield Sound movement of country music.  

Owens’ own recording of The Streets of Bakersfield in the 1970’s went largely unnoticed, but his 1988 remake with Yoakam hit number one on the Billboard music country charts.

Bakersfield Sound website operator Glenn Pogatchnik, says that to this day, the song about blue collar life in the south valley has brought Bakersfield worldwide attention.  

"I think that what Homer accomplished there, is he had written our mantra, our anthem for our town.  And you go into any bar joint anywhere in the United States and anybody that's doing traditional country, that song will usually be played."

Joy died at a hospital in Las Vegas on Tuesday. He was 67 years old.