Her Grandparents Worked With Cesar Chavez, Now She’s Running For Kingsburg City Council

Nov 6, 2018

You’ve heard a lot about who’s running for office this election day -- and that includes a record number of millenials. In some districts, the California Voting Rights Act is making it easier for young people of color to be on the ballot.   

That’s  the case in the small town of Kingsburg. The town is majority white -- and the city council reflects that. But, to avoid a lawsuit, Kingsburg recently moved from at-large to district elections.

So on this Election Day, we’re going to introduce you to a young candidate for the Kingsburg city council -- 20-year-old Jewel Hurtado. She goes to community college, she’s worked as a community activist. And she and her fiance have an 8-month old baby, Anthony.   

She recently learned her infant has a rare genetic disorder, tuberous sclerosis complex. Many babies with TSC grow up to live normal lives but she says, it’s been pretty stressful.

Right before election day she spent several nights with Anthony at Valley Children’s. We met her there to learn what it’s like to be a young mother running for office, and about the family history she draws on to get through tough days.  

Hurtado shared this photo of her grandfather, Jorge Rivera, working with Cesar Chavez. Rivera is on the far left in the frame, Chavez is far right.
Credit Jewel Hurtado