Before Graduating This Week, Fresno State Humanics Students Pay It Forward

May 14, 2019

It’s clear that some non-profits, also called community benefit organizations, can really change a place through advocacy and education. However, keeping those organizations going is often dependent on gifts, grants, and fundraising.

Fresno State’s Humanics Program teaches students about philanthropy, leadership and how to run a CBO. Yesterday was the annual Students4Giving presentation -- students awarded three $5,000 grants to CBOs in the Central Valley.

Those grants went to the Jakara Movement, Every Neighborhood Partnership, and Central California Adaptive Sports Center.

Students also made donations to the Humanics Program itself, inspired by what they’ve learned to keep the program going.

This year the Humanics Program is celebrating its 19th graduating class. Two of those students are AubreyEnna Garten and Melissa Noriego. Both had some experience with philanthropy before joining the program, but now say their involvement has changed their career aspirations.

Listen to the audio postcard above to hear their stories.