Gov. Newsom Tells Schools In Coronavirus Watch List Counties To Remain Closed

Jul 17, 2020

Schools in most California counties are unlikely to open by the start of the school year under a new plan announced by Gov. Gavin Newsom today.

The thirty counties on the state’s monitoring list would be prohibited from allowing in-person instruction at schools ... until they are no longer on the list.

Newsom included a carveout for elementary schools to reopen, but only if a superintendent requests a waiver and a local health officer approves it.

Newsom expects remote learning to engage students despite challenges with getting kids computers and internet access.

“We want daily, live interactions with teachers and other students. Students connecting peer to peer with other students, teacher connecting daily on an interactive frame to advance our distance learning efforts,” says Newsom.

A newly passed California law mandates that school districts provide computers and internet connectivity.

A video stream of the press conference is available below: