As FUSD Stays Online, There Are Options For Middle And High School Students

Jul 17, 2020

In accordance with Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent order, the Fresno Unified School District announced Friday, it will be shifting to online instruction for at least the beginning of the fall semester. Some parents will have a choice between two online options.


On Facebook Live, Superintendent Bob Nelson explained the first option will provide students with five days a week online instruction from teachers at the school where they are currently enrolled. The second option is called eLearning Academy and it’s open to middle and high school students who want to work at a faster pace. 


“That’s for students who want that experience or to accelerate their class schedule, and they want to move ahead or gain course credits faster,” Nelson said. 


The district will provide hotspots for families who need them as well as laptops for students in the 4th grade or higher. In addition, Nelson also asked that parents help with instruction at home. 


“We are going to simplify our instruction so that we can train you on it and you will know how it looks and feels,” he said. 

The district has partnered with ValleyPBS to create instructional videos for parents. Additional support will be available on the district’s website.