Fresno's Benjamin Boone Mixes Jazz With The Poetry Of Philip Levine

Mar 4, 2014

Benjamin Boone's newest project features poet Philip Levine
Credit Benjamin Boone

Fresno jazz artist, educator and composer Benjamin Boone has embarked on a fascinating new musical journey: mixing his music with the poems of former Poet Laureate of the United States and Pulitzer Prize winner Philip Levine. 

Levine, who is a longtime Fresno resident is among the nation's most revered poets. He's also a big jazz fan, dating back to his youth in Detroit. In fact, many of his poems reference jazz, including iconic stars like Clifford Brown and John Coltrane. 

Boone joined us recently on Valley Edition to talk about the new cd he's recording with Levine, planned cameo appearances on the record from Terence Blanchard and Branford Marsalis, and two upcoming performances at Fresno's Rogue Festival.