Fresno Unified Will Continue To Serve Meals Despite Closures

Mar 16, 2020

Fresno Unified Supt Bob Nelson announced Monday that while schools remain closed, meals will continue to be served. 

“The last thing that will go down at Fresno Unified is feeding kids every day,” said Nelson at a press conference.

Every school site offered meals Monday, but Nelson said the district is monitoring where families are picking up meals and will consolidate meal distribution sites, starting Wednesday. 

The District is allowing families to request however many meals may be needed for their household at breakfast and lunch.

Nelson said students won’t be held accountable for grades while classes are cancelled, and by Wednesday, the district expects to have more resources available for at-home learning. 

District board meetings are cancelled until further notice. At this time, Nelson said there are no plans to extend the school year The governor has promised funding for schools, even in the event of a closure, so Nelson urged staff to stay home, especially those who are age 65 and over, and with chronic health conditions. He urged staff, students and families to abide by social distancing, and, “Wash your hands,” said Nelson. “Wash them like you just cut jalapeños and were about to touch yourself in the eyeball.”


With that, he urged the media to disperse, per President Donald Trump’s admonition to avoid gatherings of ten or more.