Fresno State Symposium To Address Concerning Arsenic Levels in Groundwater

Oct 9, 2018

In June of this year, the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications published a research article linking over-pumping of the San Joaquin Valley’s groundwater to rising concentrations of arsenic. The research caught the attention of water leaders from across the state, and on Thursday, October 11, many will be gathering at Fresno State for a symposium to discuss the problem of arsenic in groundwater and workshop solutions to it. The event was organized by Fresno State’s California Water Institute and features speakers from across campus as well as Stanford University, the U.S. Geological Survey, the State Water Resources Control Board, and others.

Listen to the audio for an interview with Fresno State Associate Vice President of Water and Sustainability Thomas Esqueda, who dives deeper into the problem and looks ahead to Thursday’s Arsenic Symposium.