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Fresno Parks High On City Leader's Budget Priorities

May 11, 2015

Fresno City leaders are vowing to use growing revenue to restore neglected city parks. Many parks fell into disrepair as a result of budget cuts during the recession.

With the city’s tax base recovering, the Mayor and City council members say now is the time to fix and expand the city’s public parks.

Standing in a park in East Fresno, Mayor Ashley Swearengin says the city should spend nearly 6-million dollars on repairs and renovations across the city.

“This year’s budget is an important shift in the direction of resources. And I am committed during my remaining months in office to making sure that we have a long-term plan in place to achieve the park standard that our community deserves,” Swearengin said.

Some of the renovations include fixing bathrooms, resurfacing courts, and adding drought-friendly splash pads.

The city is also planning to open three new parks over the course of the year, including a universally accessible park for children and adults with special needs.