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Firebaugh Filmmaker Takes Water "Fight" To Silver Screen

Mar 11, 2014

Filmmaker Juan Carlos Oseguera

California's water wars are nothing new. But Firebaugh-based filmaker Juan Carlos Oseguera says the current struggle over water cutbacks to westside growers is truly a "fight." His new feature-length documentary film, titled "A Fight For Water" seeks to tell the story of the communities in the San Joaquin Valley who were hit hard by water cutbacks in 2009 due to environmental restrictions on delta pumping. 

Oseguera joined us on Valley Edition to talk about his film, and about the controversy over the debate between farmers south of the delta and farmers, fisherman and environmental groups north of the delta. Oseguera, who is a graduate of San Francisco State University, will host a screening of the film in Firebaugh on Thursday April 3 at 6:30pm at Firebaugh Middle School.