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'Don't Suspend Me!" Fresno State Couple's Book Becomes Amazon Best Seller

Jan 5, 2018

Earlier this year, Kern High School District settled a lawsuit that alleged its schools were using discriminatory disciplinary practices to suspend and expel students of color at a higher rate than white students. As a provision of their settlement, they agreed to reduce suspensions and expulsions and incorporate more restorative justice into their discipline.

Simultaneously, some San Joaquin Valley educators were writing about alternative disciplinary practices in a new book that’s been an Amazon best seller in the School Safety category off and on since it was published in 2016.

Listen to the audio above for an interview with the husband-wife duo who wrote the book: Jessica Hannigan, a professor of educational leadership at Fresno State; and John Hannigan, a school principal in Sanger Unified School district.

The Hannigans will publish two more books about restorative justice later this spring.