Cannabis Tax Revenues In Woodlake Hit $800,000 And Counting

Jan 10, 2020

In January 2018, the Tulare County City of Woodlake became home to the San Joaquin Valley’s first-ever recreational marijuana dispensary. Two other businesses, a large-scale cultivator and extract manufacturer, opened in 2019.

Woodlake Community Services Director Jason Waters stands in front of one of the city's four parks that were renovated thanks to tax revenues generated from local cannabis businesses.
Credit Kerry Klein / Valley Public Radio

As of early 2020, the city’s tax revenue generated by the industry topped $800,000—far more than the $20,000 per month originally projected. In this interview, FM89’s Kerry Klein sat down with Woodlake Community Development Director Jason Waters to learn about what the windfall has meant for the city and what’s in store for Woodlake cannabis in 2020.