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California GOP Lawmakers: Build Reserve, Pay Down Debt

Jan 6, 2014

Legislative Republicans don’t have the power to block measures – or even tax increases. But they’re hoping Democrats – and especially Governor Jerry Brown – will support at least some of their ideas.
Credit Ben Adler / Capital Public Radio

Minority Republicans are calling for spending restraint, paying down debt and putting a portion of the state’s one-time revenues into infrastructure projects.

Assembly GOP Leader Connie Conway says Governor Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats should resist the temptation to spend the money that’s coming into state coffers well above budget projections.

Conway: “How can we say we have a surplus of anything with the debt the state currently has?  In my mind, that’s not even something we should be talking about.  We are so in debt; we owe so much.  So I hope that there’s no big movement to jump right in and spend money.”

Conway does want to set aside a small amount of the extra money for transportation infrastructure, like road and water projects.

Republicans also say they’ll be keeping an eye on the state’s implementation of the federal health care overhaul and how the governor’s prison realignment program affects crime rates.