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California EPA Chief Takes Environmental Justice Tour Of Tulare County

Jul 12, 2019

This past Wednesday, local environmental groups hosted a bus tour like no other: The theme was environmental justice, and it involved stops in unincorporated Tulare County communities including Matheny Tract, East Orosi, and Ivanhoe, where residents have been struggling to access clean drinking water and reduce exposure to harmful pesticides.

Jared Blumenfeld led the Pacific Southwest region of the U.S. EPA for seven years before being appointed by Governor Gavin Newsom as Secretary of the California EPA.
Credit California EPA

The tour attracted more than a dozen regulators and bureaucrats from Tulare County and Sacramento, including California EPA Secretary Jared Blumenfeld. In this interview, we caught up with Blumenfeld on the bus to talk environmental justice and what he’s learned from the San Joaquin Valley.