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Brand Picks Quan-Schecter As Fresno's First Female City Manager

Apr 20, 2017

Fresno has its first female City Manager. Mayor Lee Brand today introduced Wilma Quan-Schecter as the replacement for the retiring City Manager Bruce Rudd.

Quan-Schecter, who is 43 years old, has been with the city for 9 years and has a background in city planning. At the announcement at Fresno City Hall, Quan-Schecter says she is excited to step into the role.

Quan-Schecter“While the spotlight may be on me right now, my focus is on the 3,800 employees of the city and the 520,000 people who make up the vibrant and diverse fabric of the city. That is my concentration today and I can promise you it will be my direction every day as city manager.”

Quan-Schecter served as deputy city manager during the planning and debate over the Fulton Street reconstruction project.

Quan-Schecter will officially take over on July 10th, however, Rudd will serve in a part-time capacity for at least six months after that date to aid in the transition.