Bill Would Make Comprehensive Sex Education Mandatory For California Schools

Jul 1, 2015

Local supporters of Assembly Bill 329 say it must become law, considering Fresno Unified has not offered comprehensive sex education since 2011.
Credit Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

 A new bill in the California Senate could make sex education mandatory for middle and high school students. FM89’s Diana Aguilera reports.

If the bill becomes law, students will be required to learn about abstinence, sexually transmitted infections and contraception.

Right now, public schools throughout the state aren’t required to offer sex ed classes, but they are required to teach HIV and AIDS prevention. In recent years, Fresno Unified dropped its sex ed program due to budget cuts.

Registered nurse Kathy Davis works at Fresno High, and supports the bill.

“The kids ask questions. They want information and without this, I think it will take a seat on the back burner. And with what’s going on currently this needs to happen now.”

The measure has passed the Senate Education Committee and is now headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee.