Asylum Seekers, Violence Survivors And ICE Agents: The Local Effects of Recent Immigration Policies

Sep 18, 2018

Ever since President Trump came into office, we at Valley Public Radio have been reporting on his administration’s changes to federal immigration policy—like its so-called “zero tolerance policy” of prosecuting asylum applicants as well as rollbacks on temporary protected status from certain countries—and their consequences on San Joaquin Valley residents and businesses.

Following the recent story of a Yemeni family in Tulare County that gained national attention for its role in a Supreme Court case related to the Trump Administration’s so-called “travel ban,” FM89’s Monica Velez continues the conversation with a recap of how immigration policy changes have been affecting communities in the Valley. Listen to the audio for an interview with Velez about impacts on asylum seekers fleeing domestic violence, immigration officials in courthouse, and consequences on agriculture businesses and flea markets.