In Another Fresno Visit, Villaraigosa Gets Endorsement, Says Valley Is Important

May 30, 2018

Antonio Villaraigosa visits the Heartbeat Boxing gym in Fresno during a campaign stop before the June 5 primary election.
Credit Monica Velez

While the governor’s race heats up one top candidate made another visit to the San Joaquin Valley, where he met with locals and received endorsements from law enforcement officials.  

Antonio Villaraigosa walked through a row of punching bags at the Heartbeat Boxing gym in Fresno on Tuesday. It’s an organization that helps at-risk youth. He was accompanied by the president of the Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association, who officially endorsed him earlier Tuesday alongside Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. Villaraigosa says he’s trying to appeal to democrats and republicans in the San Joaquin Valley.

“I recognize that the Valley historically has been a fly over spot, maybe even an ATM for most candidates running for governor, senate, any state-wide office,” Villaraigosa says.

It’s not his first campaign stop here. Villaraigosa says he’s been to the San Joaquin Valley 57 times since announcing his candidacy. He says he wants to be a voice for famers and farmworkers who need water and support from state leaders.

“Whether it’s access to health care or the economy, I think they’re looking for a governor that says the Central Valley is important and I’ve been here more than all the candidates combined, democrat or republican. And I have, because as I said, I think it’s important to show up,” he says.

Villaraigosa says he hopes local voters show up on June 5 and that he finishes in the top two to advance to the November general election.