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About the event:

This art was created by 5 artists working together to create 5 pastel paintings to be auctioned off and all of the proceeds going to Valley Public Radio. Each painting is signed by all of the artists that worked on the painting. The actual paintings are on display at A Sense of Place fine art gallery in Fresno. Call 559-392-6775 or come in to the gallery to make your bid for one of these paintings. The bidding will end at 4:00pm Saturday January 19, 2019. Click on the paintings to see the whole image.

The five artists are: Daniel Keys, Ginny Burdick, LaVone Sterling, Suzie Stach, and Diane Breuer. All are award winning artists. Each painting was started and finished by the same artist, but all paintings were worked on by all of the artists. When you click on to enlarge a piece the first signature on the painting is the artist that both started and finished the work. Each artist added a little of their own style to the painting.

The monies raised will go to Valley Public Radio in recognition of Mariam Stepanian. The paintings will hang at the gallery for a week and the bidding will conclude on January 19th at 4:00pm.