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After Uvalde, mass shootings continue over the weekend across the U.S.

A memorial for the Robb Elementary School victims outside of Little Coyotes Day Care Center in Uvalde, Texas. Since Wednesday, another eight people have been killed and 45 injured in mass shootings.
Michael M. Santiago
Getty Images
A memorial for the Robb Elementary School victims outside of Little Coyotes Day Care Center in Uvalde, Texas. Since Wednesday, another eight people have been killed and 45 injured in mass shootings.

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At least eight mass shootings took place across the U.S. over the weekend following Tuesday's mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

Another three occurred between Wednesday and Friday.

According to the Gun Violence Archive, an independent organization that collects data from over 7,500 sources, eight people have been killed and another 45 injured in the five days following the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

A mass shooting, defined by the Gun Violence Archive, is an incident in which four or more individuals are shot and either injured or killed, excluding the gunman.

Wednesday, May 25

In Philadelphia, a man riding a mountain bike opened fire Wednesday night on a home where a young man and his date were preparing to leave for prom, CBS3 Philadelphia reported. Police said the gunman shot a 19-year-old man, a young woman – also 19 – and the young woman's 34-year-old mother and 60-year-old man.

The boy was in critical condition and the other three victims were stable as of Thursday morning.

Friday, May 27

Six people were shot at a graduation party in Alabama early Thursday, The Anniston Police Department reported on Facebook. None of the injuries were life threatening. Over 150 people, as young as 14, were at the party at the time. Stray bullets struck nearby vehicles, the police reported, and several firearms were recovered at the scene.

That same day, ABC13 in Michigan reported a 40-year-old mother and her three children – ages 3, 4 and 6 – were shot killed about 50 miles north of Grand Rapids. The mother's stepfather suffered a gunshot wound to the head and was in critical condition as of Saturday. A surviving daughter told ABC13 that the stepfather shot the children and then the mother.

Saturday, May 28

In Chattanooga, Tenn., six people were shot a block away from the Tennessee Aquarium downtown, Local 3 News and CNN reported. Two of the six victims suffered life-threatening injuries. The victims were in the teens and early 20s.

Police in Colorado Springs, Colo., are investigating a shooting in a bar parking lot that killed one man and wounded three women, KKTV11 News reported. Witnesses said the shots appear to have come from a moving vehicle.

ABC30 in California reportedthat three teenagers were wounded and one man killed in a shooting in Fresno Saturday night. The three teenagers expected to survive, but the man, in his 20s, died from his injuries.

Shots broke out at a house party in Malabar, Fla., Saturday night, striking four people between 15 and 18 years old, 1010 News reported.

Sunday, May 29

Fox32 in Illinois reported that five people remain in serious condition after they were shot in Chicago's West Garfield Park. The victims range from 16 to 33 in age.

In Taft, Okla., a 26-year-old man is in custody in connection with a shooting at a crowded Memorial Day festival that left one 39-year-old woman dead and seven others wounded. The surviving victims range from 9 to 56 and are suffering from non-life-threatening injuries, Fox23 News reported.

Police in Detroit told WWJ News Radio that a group of three men and two women came under fire around 3:40 a.m. Two of the men who were struck are in stable condition, but the third is in critical condition, WWJ News Radio reported. The women weren't shot, but received minor injuries from broken glass. (The Gun Violence Archive includes this incident on its list. NPR has reached out to the group to clarify its methodology in this case.)

The Merced Sun-Star in California reportedSunday morning that four people, two youths and two adults, were shot sometime after midnight Sunday. One of the victims was killed, one is in critical condition and two were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

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Dustin Jones is a reporter for NPR's digital news desk. He mainly covers breaking news, but enjoys working on long-form narrative pieces.