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Russia-Ukraine war: What happened today (March 6)

People arrive by train to Lviv, Ukraine, and head to the station's exit.
Claire Harbage
People arrive by train to Lviv, Ukraine, and head to the station's exit.

As Sunday draws to a close in Kyiv and in Moscow, here are the key developments of the day:

The death toll reached the hundreds. At least 364 Ukrainians have died since Russia invaded Ukraine and at least 759 have been injured, according to the United Nations. The actual toll is believed to be "considerably higher."

Another cease-fire attempt failed. Russian forces broke a cease-firefor the second consecutive day when they opened fire on Mariupol, again forcing the port city to halt evacuations of civilians.

Thousands of people were detained for anti-war protests in Russia. Over 4,300 people across 56 cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, were detained over protesting President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, according to an independent monitoring group.

Western powers are in talks about a ban on Russian oil and gas imports. The U.S. and its allies are having an "active discussion" about banning such imports from Russia, while ensuring there's enough of an oil supply for the rest of the world. The Biden administration fears what that could mean for gas prices, but an energy imports ban would also deprive Russia of a large source of revenue.

TikTok temporarily banned Russian content. The immensely popular video-sharing app is suspending all new content, including livestreams, from being uploaded from Russia. The company says it's enforcing the ban as it reviews the implications of Russia's new law that cracks down on independent media.


Over 1.5 million refugees from Ukraine have crossed into neighboring countries in what the U.N. calls the fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. See some of the faces of the crisis here.

Russia's assault on Ukraine has devastating implications for world hunger. Experts outline six grim scenarios.

Earlier developments

You can read more news from Sunday here, as well as more in-depth reporting and daily recaps here. Also, listen and subscribe to NPR's State of Ukraine podcast for updates throughout the day.

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