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Fresno Mayor Swearengin Announces Budget Proposal


Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin is proposing her vision for the city’s 1.2 billion dollar budget. Valley Public Radio’s Jeffrey Hess reports the budget calls for more cops, fire fighters, and street repairs.

The budget has finally recovered after taking a deep hit during the great recession when it appeared possible the city could default and declare bankruptcy.

Mayor Ashley Swearengin says that money should be used to add 43 police officers, more fire fighters, and restore cuts made when the budget collapsed.

“So this budget continues our balanced approach. It maintains and continues our commitment to public safety. It begins a steady and manageable restoration of service levels for parks trails and streets. And we continue our focus on restoring local neighborhoods both residential and commercial,” Swearengin said.

Swearengin also says the city is on track to refill its reserves although it will not meet that goal this year.

City Council will begin budget hearings in coming in weeks with a final budget due by the end of June. 

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