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Fresno State campaign aims to attract support for athletic upgrades

Renderings show how the new Fresno State football stadium could look.
Fresno State
Renderings show how the new Fresno State football stadium could look.

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ELIZABETH ARAKELIAN, HOST: Fresno State has announced a new campaign aimed at attracting support for major athletic projects. KVPR’s Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado reports on the new push.

CRESENCIO RODRIGUEZ-DELGADO: In a more than three minute long campaign video narrated by News Orleans Saints quarterback Jake Heaner, Fresno State is unveiling its new Elevate Campaign.

The video features footage from the university’s major athletic championships. But the bigger message from the university is it still has room to grow.

The Elevate Campaign plans to raise more than $250 million to fund improvements to Fresno State’s 18 athletic programs.

The campaign video highlights Fresno State President Saul Jimenez Sandoval – who says he wants to make Fresno State not just a regional powerhouse, but a national and international bastion on athletics and academics.

Major projects under the new campaign would include renovations to Valley Children’s Stadium where the football team plays, renovation to athletic buildings and construction of new facilities altogether.

For KVPR News, I’m Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado

Cresencio Rodriguez-Delgado is KVPR's News Director. Prior to joining the station's news department in 2022, he was a reporter for PBS NewsHour and The Fresno Bee.