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Listening to KVPR Classical Digital Station

Listen to KVPR Classical on kvpr.org, the KVPR app, your smart speaker, or 89.3 channel HD2 in Fresno/Clovis.
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KVPR Classical is Valley Public Radio’s all-new radio station dedicated to playing timeless classical music, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Hear the same Classical 24 hosts you’ve enjoyed on KVPR on the new KVPR Classical stream, in crystal clear all-digital sound. And the best thing about KVPR Classical is there are so many ways to listen, anywhere you go, from connected speakers to mobile devices, tvs and more. In additon to streaming audio, KVPR Classical is also available in the immediate Fresno/Clovis area on HD radio at FM 89.3 HD-2. Here are some tips on how to listen to this new station:

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: A wide range of wireless Bluetooth speakers are on the market right now, that allow you to connect your PC, smartphone or tablet and listen with excellent sound quality. They range from under $15 to over $200 depending on the features and the overall quality of the device. Amazon.com,  Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target all have a wide selection of Bluetooth speakers available. 

This Bluetooth adapter lets you wirelessly connect your PC, phone or tablet to an existing stereo system, allowing you to play streaming audio like KVPR Classical over your existing speakers.

Your existing home stereo system: Did you know you can connect your laptop, smartphone or tablet to most home stereo systems? If your PC supports Bluetooth, you can purchase an adapter like this one that plugs into your existing stereo system using either a RCA cable, or a 1/8 inch headphone jack input (depending on what audio input jack your system has). Once the adapter is powered on and connected to the audio system (an audio cable is required), you can connect your PC to the adapter wirelessly. You can also connect your PC to your stereo without using Bluetooth by using a cable like this.

HD Radio: If you live in the Fresno/Clovis area you may be able to receive KVPR Classical via our HD-2 signal, at FM 89.3 HD-2. Unfortunately at this time this signal does not reach beyond the area above. There are several HD radios on the market, including the Sangean HDR-16. You may need to adjust the position for the radio and antenna in order to get the HD signal. In some cases, a window sill facing the east or northeast may offer the best reception. More info on other HD Radios currently on the market is available here.

Your TV/Home Theater: If your home TV system has an Amazon Fire Stick, an Apple TV, or Roku device, either as external hardware or built-in, you can listen to KVPR Classical, via support for the TuneIn app, which comes with these platforms. Ask your device to "Play KVPR Classical." Also, if you have a sound bar type home theater system, you may be able to connect your PC, smartphone or tablet to the audio system via Bluetooth. 

Amazon Echo smart speaker responds to voice commands

Smart Speakers: You can listen to KVPR Classical on all Amazon Echo speakers, Google Home or Google Nest smart speakers and Apple Home Pod devices - simply ask your speaker to "play KVPR Classical." 

Sonos: Users with a Sonos audio system can listen to KVPR Classical, via TuneIn radio.  To enable TuneIn, got to the Sonos app for iOS or Android: 1) From the Settings tab, tap Services; 2) Under Music & Content, tap Add a Service; 3) Select Radio by TuneIn from the list; 4) Follow the on-screen prompts to add the service to Sonos.

PCs and Laptops: Visit KVPR.org and click “All Streams” on the audio player bar towards the top of the page. Click “KVPR Classical” and the station will begin to play. You can also listen via KVPR.org on your mobile devices.

Smartphones & Tablets: Listen using the KVPR App for iOS and Android platforms. After you download the app, open it and click the “KVPR Classical Stream” button near the top of the screen and then press the “Play” icon at the bottom of the screen. You can also listen without the app, over the web at KVPR.org.


In your car: Most newer cars let you connect a smartphone to your in-car audio system via Bluetooth. Many vehicles without Bluetooth offer the option of connecting a phone via an audio cable, or a cassette tape adapter. Other cars have built-in support for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, which allow in-car control of your media choices, including listening to KVPR Classical. Refer to your owners manual for information on what equipment comes with your vehicle. Cars that have HD radios in the immediate Fresno/Clovis area may be able to receive KVPR Classical on FM 89.3’s HD-2 signal.

If you have questions about how to configure your system to listen to all of the content Valley Public Radio offers, contact the station at 559-862-2481 or email at kvpr@kvpr.org.