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KVPR wins three 2023 Golden Mike Awards

 KVPR's Joshua Yeager at the 2023 Golden Mike Awards
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KVPR reporters walked away with three top honors at the Golden Mike Awards in Los Angeles. The awards, which are presented by the Southern California Radio Television News Association (RTNA) are among the highest honors for broadcast journalism for stations stretching from Fresno to San Diego.

One of KVPR’s awards, in the category Best Feature News Series Reporting, was for reporter Kerry Klein’s series about infant and maternal mortality in Kern County. It was a “one division” award, meaning that it was selected among all radio stations in the region.

KVPR’s other awards came in “Division B” which is reserved for small stations. Those honors included Best Investigative Reporting, for a story from Soreath Hok and NPR’s California Newsroom about the Bakersfield Police Department’s interactions with people experiencing mental health crisis. Another "Division B" honor came in the category of Best Government and Political Reporting, for reporter Joshua Yeager’s piece about efforts by local law enforcement to turn the only public library in McFarland into a police station.

The awards were held March 27th at the Universal City Hilton in Los Angeles.

A complete list of honorees is available here.