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From New York To Tehachapi: A Traveling Nurse On The Trauma Of Treating COVID

Courtesy of JMFdeA Press
Traveling Nurse Grover Nicodemus Street


Throughout the pandemic, we’ve relied not just on the medical providers based at our local hospitals, but also traveling nurses who move from place to place, filling in wherever help is needed. 


Credit JMFdeA Press


One such nurse, Grover Nicodemus Street, is a military veteran based in Colorado. So far during the pandemic, he has served in five different states, ranging from major population centers like New York City and Miami to the rural town of Tehachapi. He recently published a book about traveling from COVID hotspot to hotspot called Chasing the Surge.


In this interview, FM89’s Kerry Klein spoke with him about his experience, first by asking why he said in another recent interview, that “war doesn’t even compare to COVID.”

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