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'A Fever In The Dust' - Science Friday Spotlights Valley Fever

Lauren J. Young
Science Friday
Two plates of the valley fever fungus

For their episode on April 24, 2020, producers of the WNYC Studios show Science Friday turned their focus to the fungal disease valley fever - its origins and effects on the body, as well as burgeoning research and hope for new treatments. The show features interviews with experts and others affected by the disease, including UC Merced immunologist Katrina Hoyer, CSU Bakersfield microbial ecologist Antje Lauer and Art Charles of the West Side Recreation and Park District in Taft, as well as voice memos submitted by listeners from across the country. Host Ira Flatow also interviews FM89 health reporter Kerry Klein about her reporting on valley fever.

Read the piece by Science Friday producer Lauren J. Young here, and hear the full segment including the interview with Kerry Klein here.

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