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‘We Were Ready’ – Valley’s Leading Trauma Center Took On Mass Shooting Survivors

Community Regional Medical Center
Dr. Amy Kwok is a trauma surgeon with Community Regional Medical Center and a faculty member at the UCSF Fresno School of Medicine.

Two men remain hospitalized following Sunday night’s mass shooting at a party in Southeast Fresno that killed four.

Seven men were rushed to area hospitals. One was admitted to Saint Agnes Medical Center in North Fresno and the rest were treated at Community Regional Medical Center downtown. That hospital’s Level-1 designation means it’s equipped to provide the highest level of trauma care.

In a video released by the hospital, Dr. Amy Kwok, a surgeon and faculty member at UCSF Fresno, said Community Regional has one trauma surgeon on call at all times, and backup surgeons are only minutes away. “We have 12 trauma surgeons here and at all times we can probably call in 4 to 5 surgeons within 20 minutes to help,” she said.

Although mass shootings like Sunday’s are extremely rare, Kwok said it is not uncommon to see a large number of trauma patients on any one night. “We just activated what we usually activate, which is our backup team, and we were ready,” she said of Sunday night.

Of the seven men originally hospitalized, one has since died and four have been released. The final two remain at Community Regional and are in good condition.

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